Biomimicry, British Wildlife and Foxes – Fox Nose box

Foxes are fantastic.

They can leap up into the air and dive into a pile a snow to catch a mouse.

Inspired by foxes we made a Fox Nose Box – the food packing of the future. Just like foxes have great noses so does this food box. The black nose if filled with trillions of little “foxysmellies” that tells you when the food has gone off and you cannot eat it.


The fox nose box was made out of an old Toblerone box and a wooden bauble fitted perfectly in the hole.

Biomimicry, biometrics or bioinspiration is a fantastic way to inspire children to observe nature and to use nature for inspiration. This approach requires both great observational skills and creative or lateral thinking.

Food packaging is a perfect area where inspiration from nature can provided the most creative ideas. So much food goes wasted every year so the Fox Nose Box filled with “foxysmellies” are an idea that both inspires children to think dive into the future of what you might find in the cupboard or fridge.

There is of course always that little tingling feeling that you are not really thinking hard, instead there is a touch of magic, which helps to focus the attention.What ideas to you get?



You can download the poster for free from my shop at TpT – Teacher pay Teacher.


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