CroakMet Messaging Service – Biomimicry for Young Children

In the summertime, bike riding is, even more, fun!

Yet there are several problems with bike riding. Frogs amazing bulging eyes and their low horse croaking sound provided inspiration to solve two of the most annoying problems.

  • How to talk to your best friend without shouting?
  • How to see everything that goes on behind you?

Anyone who has tried to knows that it is very tricky to hold your line, keeping your steering straight, while looking behind you.

What if you could get a message about what goes on behind you?

A croaking message straight into your earphones.

Big eyes could collect visual information such as “Mum is now driving the car behind you” and sounds such as your friend shouting “Would you like to ride to our house and have a chocolate and raspberry frozen banana pop that I made this morning?”

Imagine getting that message straight into your earphones and seconds later your friend could pick up your “Yes!” in her cool CrokingMet.

Biomimicry is an exciting way to teach children to solve problems by using observations from nature as inspiration. Apart from using a creative, lateral and critical approach to thinking, young children are learning to identify problems. Identifying problems is a vital skill!

To inspire curiosity and to encourage children to find answers and to innovate and design solutions is a fun way of providing them with exactly what we all perhaps hoped life would be.

Exploring questions, fun, silly and serious, that excite our mind and then look for ways to put an answer together. Sometimes the solution will work, sometimes, especially when exploring the world with young children, the magic part of the solution means that the solution may not work – at least not yet!

Curiosity is everything.

Nature instills in everyone a sense of beauty and wonder.

Observing animals and plants promotes curiosity!




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