Biomimicry Challenge – Day 2

Have you ever watched a dog shaking water off?Or seen the way a cat’s eyes glow in the dark?

The first thing our dog does when he has had a bath is to shake off the water. We try to stop him but he insists and we end up having a shower. We laugh at him and then we forget his behaviour as soon as we have changed our clothes.

Many children grow up with pets, whether it is a dog, a guinea pig, a cat or an ant farm, owning a pet can be a rewarding experience for a child. Pet ownership can provide opportunities for valuable life lessons. In addition, studying your pet’s behaviour or a friend’s pet can provide inspiration for new ideas and innovations.

Fur of dogs and other mammals dries quickly when they shake their heads and bodies. The speed that an animal uses when shaking their heads and bodies is related to their body size.

Below is a fantastic slow motion video that shows what happens when dogs shake off water.

  • What things can you improve in the home by using the same way of getting rid of water as the dogs in the video?
  • Why not write or make up a story about the first time the dog sees this new invention?



Maybe you have a cat or your neighbour has a cat. Cats’ eyes and many other nocturnal animals appear to have glowing eyes because of a special reflective layer at the back of their eyes. This layer reflects light back through the eyes and gives the animal a second chance to absorb light.

Or look at the way a cat drinks water. It seems almost impossible to get the water to the mouth.

  • Design street lights inspired by cat’s eyes. Make a drawing of your streetlights glowing in the dark.
  • Or draw a machine that soaks up dirt or clean up oil.

If you have any other pets, look carefully at what they are doing and see if you get some inspiration for a spectacular idea.

I would love to see your creations so please send them to me and I will post them here. You find my email address at the top under the page About. Thanks.

Some links with information:

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