9 Nature Books Perfect for Biomimicry

I hope I have inspired you all to include Biomimicry into your life, whether it is in the classroom or at home. Below is a list of great book to use when observing plants and animals and to spark an interest in asking big questions. The focus when using biomimicry is on observing animals and plants but children pick up lots of useful facts on the way.

Eye to Eye: How Animals See The World by Steve Jenkins

Eyes are the most important source of information about the world in a biological sense and the provide a great inspiration for innovative ideas. Animals have evolved an amazing variety of eyes and surprising ways to use them. Steve has also written The Beetle Book, and The Animal Book.

Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman

The most stunning artworks of everything from sunset and clouds to feathers and jellyfish. Over 700 illustrations filled with interesting facts makes this book the perfect gift for any curious child.

If by David J. Smith

“Some things are so huge or so old that it’s hard to wrap your mind around them. But what if we took these big, hard-to-imagine objects and events and compared them to things we can see, feel and touch? Instantly, we’d see our world in a whole new way.”

Like making the Milk Way the size of a plate that you can hold in your hands.

Biomimicry: Inventions Inspired by Nature by Dora Lee

Brimming with exciting innovations inspired by nature. High-performance swimsuits modeled after sharkskin and the sleek front ends of Japanese bullet trains based on the streamlined beak of the kingfisher. A Brazilian beetle may be key to developing computers that run on light. . .

You Are Stardust by Elin Kelsey

A visually stunning picture book by Elin Kelsey and Soyeon Kim that shows that kids are nature. This book sparks imagination and illustrate ways that kids are connected to the natural world in both small, big and rather surprising ways. “Every tiny atom in your body came from a star that exploded long before you were born.”

The Smart Mushroom/El Hongo Sabiondo (Zeri Fables)

A collection of fables written by Gunter Pauli to teach children about the value of nature. In nature, everything has a value. The aim is to teach children about how we can use the resources without expecting earth to provide us with more material. Five kingdoms exist on earth and these work together to use the resources in the best possible way. By studying how animals, plants, fungus, algae and bacteria cooperate, we can get ideas that can help us to not only dream about a better future, but actively taken steps towards a better future.

Dandelion Seed by Joseph Anthony

A inspiring and beautiful book that lyres you to go blow some dandelion seeds together.

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