Autumn Leaves – Colour and Shape

Being a nature detective during the autumn can be a lot of fun. Mushroom just waiting to be admired and sometimes even picked. If you walk quietly you may spot squirrels and birds. Acorns, conkers and pine cones can be collected and turned into wonderful art and craft.

Piles of leaves just waiting for you to thread on while you listening to them crunch under your wellies. It is understandable that we become more aware of leaves during autumn as we watch the falling leaves drift by in a rainbow of colours from gold to dark maroon. During autumn all the colours that has been hidden during the growing season, when the chlorophyll’s green colour dominates, is now appearing.


But there is more to leaves than their vibrant colours and turning them into art and craft. There are many different leaf shapes in nature and nature has designed some of the most amazing shapes to solve problems.

Using a biomimicry lens we look at how nature solve problems. Something that may inspires us to solve problems or invent and design new things.

Some leaves have a drip tips which help to channel water off the surface. These leaves have a unique shape. Perhaps a similar shape could be used to make sure that houses stay dry. You can look at the way gutters are shaped to further inspire some creative thinking. There are also leaves that are built to capture water such as bromeliads have water capturing leaves. Look at the underside of leaves to see if these are shaped in a way that help a leaf to capture water.

Some leaves have a very light structure and this prevents them from absorbing too much solar light. Excessive heating can damage leaves. Some leaves are built to minimize the effects of strong winds.A creative person is always searching for inspiration. Teaching your child to see possibilities and to explore nature is a great way to ensure that he or she is never bored. By having a curious mind you can develop the most exciting and interesting ideas. There is no need for looking for ideas, rather you teach a child to think creatively and to create ideas and to look for possibilities. And you are never bored even if the rain is pouring down.

Enjoy your creative and inspirational autumn walk together!

Featured Photo: Pixabay

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