Hunt for Straight Lines

What prevents a tree from growing in straight lines?

Are there straight lines in nature?

And are there right angles?

The trees have lost most of their leaves and the structure of the trees are visible. So the other day we hunted for the tree with the straightest trunk and branches.

When we look at nature it is easy to see only spiral patterns and to assume that only humans move in straight lines. But if you put on your thinkbility goggles and search for straight lines you will be amazed.

There ARE Straight Lines in Nature! And there are right angles!

Looking for straight lines might also lead to the question of why not certain things in nature go in straight lines. What if a tree was growing in place where the wind did not blow? And it never rained or snowed? A place where there was a constant an even distribution of air, and nutrients. Would this tree be straight?

6580934943_a27f838285_bPhoto Sam Cox

What if a tree grow in a cave like crystals?

Crystals that grow underground may grow in straight lines.

The less varied and environment is the more likely it is that nature will produce straight lines and flat surfaces.


Photo By David Monniaux – self photo, CC BY-SA 3.0




What straigth lines can you find in your neighbourhood?

Here are a few more exmples. . .



Photo By Taken byfir0002 | 20D + Sigma 150mm f/2.8 + Canon MT 24-EX – Own work, GFDL 1.2,


Featured image by  Marin

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