Autumn Owl Robo – Use Biomimicry to Teach Children to Think

I have big eyes.

The big eyes help me to. . .

Owls are most vocal in Autumn and you can twit-twhoo-ing when you make this craft inspired by owls’ big eyes. The big eyes help owls to see in the dark.

We made an Autumn Owl robo with several eyes so that it can see in the dark.We used oil pastel to make the face. We painted the face with watercolour and got a lovely effect – the watercolours will wash over the oil pastels.

We painted some leaves and used them as wings. The leaves added a touch of magic since they were light and we imagined how the owl would fly quietly in the woods during night without making any noises. So the robot we made can fly very quietly.

Owls have very interesting feet and rather long legs. An owl has four toes. When they are perching or flying, 3 of these toes face forward, and one backwards. They have a very flexible joint that allows the outer front toe to swirl around. They can rotate the toe at will.

We used some grass with seed pods that we found on a nature walk for the legs.

When using biomimicry or biometrics in the classroom with young children it is important to make up stories, make artwork or craft. The focus is on how animals behave and their special powers.

Thinking about ways to apply these powers in designs or innovations is a difficult task. Yet it is a wonderful way to teach children to think creatively. Inspiration for the ideas are found by observing animals and plants and several different creativity techniques can be used to gain new ideas. For example, playing random games.

Roll a dice and select a photo of an animal or plant, then roll the dice again and select a picture. Combine the photo of the animal or plant and the picture – try to get a new exciting idea.

Teacher Pay Teacher


Bird’s Feet – Montessori inspired.


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