Biomimicry Challenge – Day 5

Take out the magnifying glass and study some ants. Look at the way they work together to bring food to the nest. Ants can find food and bring in into their nests in a couple of minutes.

What does the ants do that is so great? How do you think they find the shortest route to the food? Look at the way they communicate with each other.Use the observations to think about how you solve problems and talk to each other in the classroom or at home.

Termites build huge towers by working together. Use a similar approach to build a high tower together with your family or friends.

  • What material can you use to build a high tower?
  • How can you work together to make sure that you can build a really high tower?

I would love to see your creations so please send them to me and I will post them here. You find my email address at the top under the page About. Thanks.


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