Animal Architects: Amazing Animals Who Build Their Homes

Animals are the most fantastic architects and chimpanzee nests and beaver dams are intricate structures. This original exploration of animals and their homes is sure to spark an interest in not only animals but also in getting the LEGO, building blocks and cardboard boxes out. Collect twigs and branches on your nature walk and imagine building inspired by everything from stork nests to gladiator frogs.

Animal Architects: Amazing Animals Who Build Their Homes is written and illustrated by Daniel Nassar and Julio Antonio Blasco. Each spread is filled with inspiration as well as information about each animal and its home.

animal ar


Structures built by animals often have complicated features such as special-purpose chambers built by bees and ventilation in a termite mound.

Animals can use very simple materials and techniques to build their homes, yet sometimes the structures can be complex and sophisticated. But everything home that an animal build is sustainable and nothing is wasted.

This book is perfect as a complement if you are looking for inspiration for a biomimicry theme.

aniaml ar1


Images. Laurence King

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