Biomimicry, Pasta and Mind Mapping – Dandelion Magic

Ahhh, you never really know where a you might end up when you blow dandelion seeds. Watching the little parachutes dance away in the chilly spring breeze may spark all sort of ideas.

Observe, listen, touch, smell and in same cases even taste.

To be creative, curious and to observe the world is an exciting way to bring nature into the classroom or home. Mixing science and art makes the learning more fun and engaging. To understand how animals and plants can be used as a platform upon which ideas, buildings and inventions can be developed is a powerful tool.

We made a mind map to get a visual overview of our observations (see dandelion seeds), ideas, and feelings. We started by writing down what we were going to do (see think dive). You can read more about how to use mind mapping, click here or here.


By drawing the structure of  dandelion you can make a simple mind map. We made one inspired by bluebell, click here.

We decided to explore the idea of making a tree planting parachutes. The inspiration came from the book The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers. A story about animals who discover that trees are disappearing from their forest and launch an investigation to determine who is responsible.

There is a buzz word among bloggers who write for children and that is maccaroni. The fun idea with a maccaroni challenge has inspired kids to create the most visually stunning and surprisingly colourful artwork using pasta. So we thought that we would include pasta into the tree planting parachute.

Our idea developed into provided nutrients for the tree in the form of colourful pasta that decomposes into the soil. We painted pasta, spiral pasta and lasagna sheets with liquid food colouring and acrylic paint. We used an egg carton and a plastic planter wrapped in brown paper to make the parachute thingy.

And here is the tree planting parachute.

DSCN0839 (1)

A parachute planter inspired by dandelion seeds filled with nutrients in the form of pasta. And we hope this idea will inspire everyone to plant more trees, love trees and to admire dandelion seeds as they drift by.

Go here to read more about aerial seedling.

Photo. Skitterphoto

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