Cool Chocolate Challenge

Chocolate Bunnies provided inspiration for this challenge. Easter is after all chocolate time.Chocolate Easter eggs are an old tradition and the first eggs were made in Europe in the early 19th century. Some early eggs were solid, and the technique for mass-producing moulded chocolate had not been devised. France and Germany started this artistic confectionery. Today, the shelves in the shops are filled with eggs and bunnies often on the 1st day of the New year.

Every year foil and packaging are used to wrap eggs and bunnies. So this challenge has several important aspects as well as being fun.

Help put an end of Egg-cessive Easter Waste.

Explore information about cocoa tree, ways nature package things, and ways that nature deals with waste. And then think dive into a world filled with foils, chocolate, bananas . . . cardboard . . .

  • What ideas do you have?
  • Where can you look for inspiration?
  • Can you test your ideas?
  • Did your chocolate bunnies melt?


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