Ice-Cream Roots – Mixing Ideas with a Touch of Magic and Imagination

Thinking, whether it is planning what information you need to solve a problem, exploring where in your body you feel certain, or searching for new ideas, is something that should be exciting and fun. For too long the image of a serious person sitting still and thinking about serious stuff have ruled.

A creative approach to thinking is entering a world filled with possibilities. A dance with ideas. When working with children using a touch of magic and imagination helps to capture their attention. Thinking requires focus, but this focusing should be short and concentrated, and despite the common image that you need to sit still to think, well, children think with their bodies. Every muscle in their bodies is involved, so moving around and touching, smelling and tasting is all part of the think dive process. The word “think dive” is a metaphor for thinking that I like to use.

The idea with making Chinese boxes continues to fascinate us and the air roots that could connect the boxes inspired by the Monkey Face orchid was filled with possibilities. We made a list of this that could be inside the boxes:

  • ice-cream
  • hot-chocolate
  • pastries
  • tarts
  • bread

What if there was ice-cream roots?

The ice-cream could be made inside the boxes and then there would grow roots from the boxes that you could cut off. Ice-cream roots.

The air roots keeps orchids moist, the roots adsorb moisture from the air. So the ice-cream roots could be made of little bubbles that adsorb coolness from the air.

We cannot wait to try ice-cream roots?

What about you? What ideas do you have?

Biomimicry is so exciting. . .

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