Cubist Glue Art, Doodling, and Sleepy Parrotfish – Biomimicry for Young Children

Imagine that you are a tired parrotfish.You are going to sleep but first you need to make a protective cocoon. A cocoon that will keep enemies away.What does it feel like inside the cocoon?

One exercise in the booklet Biomimicry for Young Children –  Sea Life is about the colourful and interesting parrotfish.

What things can you invent inspired by this fish?

Art activities are part of biomicry for young children and this time we used templates made by Deep Space SparkleEarly Cubist Art Activity. We made some paintings using a mixture of makers, doodling and watercolours.We also tested Glue Art inspired by The Artful Parent. We traced the lines with PVA glue and then we used watercolours. The glue dried over night.

In the booklet there are also ideas about how to design and invent things using seahorses as inspiration. Octopuses are fascinating, and so are corals, sharks, whales and nudibranches. . .




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