Whispering Ancient Trees – Listening to Nature

Do trees take the shape of the voices they have heard?

That was one question that popped up on a walk when we saw this magnificent old tree with gnarled trunk. A trunk filled with faces and animals. . .


Trees are a precious part of our heritage and at the very beginning of our human experience, trees were considered sacred and honorable. For example, oak trees were worshipped by the Druids.

If you look carefully, you can discover treasures in old tree trunks. Colours, shapes and textures in the natural environment is a true inspiration and trees are living monuments that inspire feelings of awe and mystery.What things have trees seen and heard? People arguing, or singing. . . . Dogs chasing rabbits. Butterflies fluttering of joy. . .

Trees may not talk or walk but trees have their own special language. A language that we can discover if we truly look at a tree and stand still and listen. A wonderful way to spark children’s imagination and creativity.

Why did the tree heard that made it split its trunk? And what is the tree saying to the tree that is standing next to it.

Put your heard against the trunk and listen!

DSCN0849 (2)

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