Be Inspired by Antarctic Ballet and Sliding Penguins

Running, hopping, waddling, jumping, sliding, porpoising, tobogganing, and diving penguins.

Penguins are always ready for action. On land, they have rather poor eyesight but in the water, they have exceptional vision. They can dive up to 35 meters in the water.

Why not draw a diving robot that can dive and see under water? Or invent a funny toy or game inspired by penguns?

Arctic page 11-page-0Study these vidoeto learn more about these wonderful birds that live on the Southern Hemisphere. And why not write a story about a penguin who decides to invite a polar ber for some toboggan fun down the snow slopes in the Antarctica.

More ideas about how to use biomimicry with young children and to learn more about the Arctic and Antarctic, check out my latest booklet. 


Featured photo: By Ken FUNAKOSHI – originally posted to Flickr as Penguin can fly, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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