Pop-Up Paper Projects

Pop-up projects are such fun!

Making a 3D birthday card is a quick and easy and will entertain children. A perfect rainy day project. But pop-up paper projects can also be taken to a completely new level. And the book, New Pop-Up Paper Projects: Step-by-step paper engineering for all ages, by Paul Johnson is a wonderful challenge. You find everything from basic techniques and foundation skills to real think dives into the amazing world of everything from cityscapes to strange-looking creatures.

The book is illustrated with diagrams and photographs to help your child tackle increasingly more challenging projects. I love books that can be used either at home or in the classroom that encourages everyone, children as well as adults, to be creative.

Since this book is so wonderfully pedagogical at the same time that is exploding with creative ideas I think it can be used in a classroom filled with curios students that are searching or a way to turn their inventive biomimicry ideas into a model.

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