Creatures of the Deep: The Pop-Up Book

Awesome inpiration for little innovators!

Open slowly this pop-up book and marvel when the exquiste pop-ups pop-out in slow motion.

Creatures of the Deep: The Pop-Up Book is a perfect for educational purposes since every pop-up can been seen from all sides. But most of all it is wonderful combination of science, art and paper engineering. And a perfect book for nature-loving children  and adults.



Feel inspired by the 7 pop-up spreads made from Ernst Haeckel illustrations.  The sophisticated and detailed cut-outs makes it looks like a you are diving into the depth of the ocean. Something magical is taking place rigth in front of you.

Paper engineer Maike Biederstaedt has transformed Haeckel’s work into a stunning three-dimensional book.


Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) was a biologist, philosopher and artist from Germany.  His artwork looks like it came right out of a Jules Verne novel. The book shows a variety of flora and fauna from teh sead, from  the sea-including microscopic Radiolaria, starfish and jelly fish.

This beautiful book will be treasured for years.


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