What colour are flamingo egg yolks? Pink or Not Pink?

Would it not be wonderful if flamingoes had pink egg yolks?


Pink meme


When you look for inspiration for ideas it is easy to stumble upon something that is not true. Teaching children to double-check and check again is a vital skill.

And no, flamingo eggs are not pink. Flamingo egg yolks are yellow or orange but several website have used photoshopped images and insist that the eggs are pink.

The stunning colouring of flamingoes’ feathers is caused by the carotenoid in the flamingos’ food. Yet , it is not easy to decide what other aspects of the flamingo that is affected by the carotenoid.

What about the milk?

Or the beak?

And is the inside of the flamingo red or pink?


Of course, when you are looking for inspiration, something that is not true can still provide inspiration but it is important to understand if you got inspired by something that is not true or something that is indeed happening in the natural world.

Flamingoes are interesting and they can provide wonderful inspiration. But we will talk about tht in another blog post . . .


Photo Wikimedia

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