Patterns Everywhere! Be Inspired

Almost too perfect to be true. Like an artist has dreamed up some geometrically perfect and correct plants or sand dunes. Nature’s symmetry is a subject that has fascinated philosophers, mathematicians, artists, architects, and physicists.


Photo: Pixabay

Patterns can be found everywhere in nature and walking around looking for pattern is a fun, imaginary activity that inspire curiosity and scientific as well as artistic investigations.

As the wind blows leaves in autumn winds, we can see different patterns in how the leaves pile up. Like the pattern that forms when the leaves get stuck among stones. patterns can be found right in your own park or garden. Perhaps the patterns are not as mesmerizing as the natural patterns that forms as winds blows sand in the the dunes of the desert but still fascinating enough to ponder over and to inspire children to investigate.


Photo: Wikimedia

There might not be an armadillo in our garden but we have found patterns on butterfly wings and on caterpillars.

Some patterns are perfect for playing “What if”.

What if you could climb on a playground that looks like a giant Amazon Lily Pad.

What if you could dive into a giant Dahlia.

So take some time to explore and you might find the most fantastic as well as mind-boggling patterns where you least expect it.




Armadillo Shell

Sparking Thinkibility Book Tips

Growing Patterns by Sarah C. Campbell

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