Biomimicry Journal – Bubble Froth Inspiration

What if you can use foam to protect yourself from germs?

What would you look like?

Foam-nesting frogs build meringue-like structures to protect their young even under the harshest of conditions. The nests look delicate but they are tough structures.

These types of frogs can provide inspiration for lots of ideas.


Creating a Biomimicry Journal is a bit different from designing a Nature Journal. Just like when you are making a Nature journal you can make drawings and write about what you see, smell, feel, taste and hear. You can also glue in leaves, flowers and other nature treasures. But you also need to think about ideas and how you can use the observations to “invent ” and design things. And this is the most exciting part!

Although I love studying animals and plants I think I have always used my observations to dream up things. This was before I stumble upon Biomimicry so I kept the thoughts to myself and just continued with my “day dreaming”.

The Think Dive part may consist of identifying concepts. Like in the example above with frog eggs. Eggs are round, look like bubbles and they also contain black spots – tadpoles.

From these concepts various ideas may emerge. Like inserting things in bubbles. Yummy things like food and something to drink. Or you can put medicine or cream in protective bubbles. The great thing about bubbles is that they disappear so there is no waste.

If you look you find inspiration everywhere, the great thing about looking and animals and plants apart from their beauty is that the ideas you get are sustainable. What can be more important than adding a bit of biomimicry in your child’s life?

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