Festive Biomimicry Reindeer

The Festive Season is perfect for exploring some magical fun!

Reindeer are amazing. Wonderful inspiration for helping Father Christmas.

Exploring questions, fun, silly and serious, that excite our mind and then looking for ways to put an answer together. Sometimes the solution will work, sometimes, especially when exploring the world with young children, the magic part of the solution means that the solution may not work – at least not yet!


Photo Wikipedia

Reindeer make a clicking sound when they walk.  The sounds originate in the tendons of the knees and may be audible from ten meters away. A perfect way to communicate.

  • Who does Father Christmas need to talk to?
  • Why does he need to communicate with the person?
  • How can he use clicking sounds to communicate?
  • Where would the sound come from?
  • What if. . .

Clicking reindeer from Pole of Cold Expedition on Vimeo.

There are no limits to the different ways you can use Mind Maps to help students learn and discover a topic. You can cut out branches from paper and make a sculpture in the middle. Why not make a big mind map with a red nose in the middle to symbolise the Reindeer’s Magical Red Nose!

Click here to view the resource on TpT.

You can download the mind map for free at Biggerplate.

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