Build a Character – Explore functions

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Create your own creature.

What is its name?

What kind of habitat will it live in?

What things can you invent inspired by the creature?

Storytellers have invented all sorts of creatures, such as dragons and unicorns. But you can also invent a creature consisting of body parts of real animals all mixed up. This is a great way to explore function.

Biology and human design has the concept function in common. A tree must stay upright and so does a house. Identifying the function is at a core when you engage in biomimicry with young children. But this exploration should be carried out in a fun and exciting way. Creating a creature build of different animals may help a young child to explore how special frogs’ eyes are or how a hammer-head shark uses its head.

Story writing is a great way to encourage children to explore animals and plants in-depth. The story can be used as a platform upon which ideas can be developed. These ideas can later inspire new innovations and designs.

Start with the idea of a creature. Give your creature a name, and you have a unique character for your story. Instead of telling children what to create, stand back and let their ideas blossom.

Invent something inspired by the animal or plant and let the innovation play a key character in a story, for example a story can contain a robot that looks like an animal, or a person can use an innovation such as shoes that makes you run like an ostrich.

Write about the animal’s superpowers, special skills and wants. What if you turned into the creature? How would you feel? What could you do? Create an exciting setting for the story.


You find the biomimicry booklet here.





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