A Beetle is Shy

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How would you describe a bettle?



Beetles can be colossal or tiny creatures.

They can be colourful or plain, friendly and helpful or harmful.

Beetles can even be tasty.

And telegraphic!

During Spring beetles and bugs are everywhere we look outside, and it is the perfect time to explore their amazing skills.

A Beetle Is Shy  by Dianna Hutts Aston is gorgeous look at the fascinating world of beetles. Dive into the world of bombardiebettles and ladybirds. Marvel at the little jewels beautifully captured by the illustrator  Sylvia Long.

A stunning spread at the end of the book is filled with watercolour illustrations of beetles from around the world. A perfect place to start the journey to new ideas and ways to solve problems.


What to learn more about insects? Or maybe challenge yourself and use nature as inspiration to solve a problem?

Mind-Blowing Insects

Design a Helmet Inspired by Ladybirds

Curious Me – Dragonflies

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