Biomimicrylicious Time

Finding engaging activities that inspire our children to be responsible guardians of Earth, is challenging. But biomimicry – learning from nature – can make all the difference.

By using nature as inspiration children can find viable solutions and invent things that are characterized by a more natural and sustainable foundation.

Children can search for patterns and strategies using by animals and plants and use these as inspiration to design their own solutions to a problem. Biomimicry can be used to kickstart ideas in a with range of topics, from robotics to architecture to climate change.

Step out of the classroom and stroll into nature. Use the local park or schoolyard to learn about nature. Bring the sketch-book and observe and explore how caterpillars crawl or ladybirds open up their wings. There are many great videos on You tube to help children explore in more detail how nature works and solves problems.

Ponder over how an animal or plant have adapted to the particular environment. What strategies do they use? Make a biomimicy journal and sketch or take a photo of the animal or plant. Use the observation as a stepping stone to get ideas.

Believing that you can invent and change things is great feeling!


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