Blue Eggs and Blue Caterpillars – Inspirational Video


Blue is a rather rare colour in nature. But in this awe-inspiring video there are blue eggs and blue caterpillars.

bbblue eggs

Butterflies are incredible but in this video, the stars are eggs and caterpillars. The magic comes alive  when you look close at the tiny eggs and the wriggling caterpillars.

blue egg

A painted lady butterfly is laying blue eggs each the size of a pin head. The eggs are attached to a leaf with natural glue. After around two weeks, tiny blue caterpillars emerge from the blue eggs.

The caterpillars are the size of a grain of rice. So the filmmaker, Anna Johnson Prumhad to be very careful when she made the film. Even breathing around the camera was like huge earthquakes for the tiny caterpillars.

Why not draw some blue eggs and caterpillars?

Or a blue butterfly?

When would you like to have superglue?









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