Awe-inspiring Caterpillars

What if you had a couple of false legs, what could you do?

Caterpillars with feathery blue spikes, long black whiskers, curling orange horns and  what looks like a hundred feet. A caterpillar has 6 feet,  but it looks like some have more than 6 legs. Most of those legs are false legs. These legs help a caterpillar to climb or hold on to slippery surfaces.

igor_siwanowicz14Draw or make a modeil of a climbing robot, a climbing toy, cool egofriendly packaging or climbing shoes inspired by caterpillars’ false legs.

We are working on our idea. And will post it later this week.



Thanks to photographer and neurobiologist Igor Siwanowicz for giving me permission to use the photos. You find his stunning photos at

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