Biobing – Caterpillar Climbing Shoes

Inspired by the wonderful caterpillars in the previous blog posts, we designed some Biobing shoes. These shoes are made for climbing in the mountains.


Just like a caterpillar you can climb upside down when you are wearing these shoes. There are little sticky caterpillar shaped wheels that lets you scale big rocks. These wheels automatically flattens out when you have finished climbing.

Telling the world about a new innovation is of course important. So a cathy name is crucial.  We used a combination of the words Biomimicry and Climbing.

We made two caterpillars to explore ideas. The first one was inspired by the video in the previous blog post and the idea for the second one came from carboard materials that we found in the big treasure box filled with odd bits. Making a treasure box filled with things that we could throw away is the perfect inspiration for exploring ideas inspired by nature.

The Biobing shoemodel was made out of soft clay.



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