Inspired by Plantopedia

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Bring the joy of plants to children!

Parks, woodlands and gardens are dazzling with interesting plants. There are the stinkers, the airfreshers, and the perfumed.

Plantopedia: Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth (Wide Eyed)  by Adrienne Barman has all sorts of plants from the biggest, to the most magical and the most poisonous.

Purple, pink, white, blue, yellow flowers, the world is brimming with colourful flowers and buzzing pollinators love them.


Sadly many plants are disappearing and they are also disappering from people’s vocabulary. A survey made the charity Plantlife found that only 4 percent of 16-24 year-olds in the UK could identify the red clover below.

red clover

Plantopedia has pictures of over 600 plants grouped under different heading that will open children’s eyes to the possibilities that plants offer.

Finding leaves and flowers that match the illustrations in the book is a great fun.


A stunning collection of plants from all over the world that help young biomimicrists to explore their traits and characteristics to fire their creative thinking.

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