A day at the Beach

Use the beach to spark your imagination!

What can be better than to lie in silence at the shore, listening to the waves and watching sand grains roll back and forth?


Explore beaches and admire sea shells while you breathe in the sea air. A day at the beach is a wonderous adventure. A great think dive in the mysterious world of sea creatures and plants.

Swirling seaweed.

Crabs running around.

Graceful sea shell with spiralling centres mixed with millions of broken shell.


Most shell have been home for mollusks.  The mollusks are more or less like liquid and the shell provide protection for the soft-bodied animals. The shell are made of mostly calcium carbonate and they are little masterpieces when it comes to design.

Like magic a shell grows from the bottom upwards. The shells grows as the animal inside it grows. Shells comes in many different colours. Calcium carbonate is mostly white so the shells get their beautiful colours from impurities and waste from the organism that is captured in the shell when it is formed.

There are many different types of shells. Bivavles are the most common type of seashell that you find on the beach. You find them both in salt and freshwater water. They are two shells that are hinged together via a flexible hinge. Oysters, mussels, clams, and scallops are bivalves.

It might see like an innocent thing to collect sea shells and bring them home. But always think twice before you collect shells. Bring your Biomimicry Journal and make sketches of the shells on the beach. Or take photos.

Feel inspired by the sea shell and think about ideas where you could use there beautiful shape to build a summerhouse. Or their strong shell  to build a  super strong bicycle or car.

Book Tips

A beautiful counting book where a little girl  picks shells as a gifts for her Grandma. Perwinkle, kitten’s paw and scallop are added and with the help  of a friend they identify the shells.

The friends discover something amazing.

A mollusk living in one of the shells. So they carefully put that shell back into the water.

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