Wobbly flight of the bumblebee – Inspirational Video

Summer time and the air is filled with beautiful buzzing bumblebees. It looks like they know exactly which flower that offers the best nectar. They are true connoisseurs. But appearances can be deceptive and their clumsy flight has been revealed by a high-speed camera. A hight speed camera allows us to magnify in time and we can see things that we would otherwise not see because they happen really fast.

The survival of bumblebees depends on their skill to fly and find flowers that are moving in the wind. But rather than precisely finding the flowers they are constantly bumping into things. But despite bumping into things they seem to be more or less unharmed by the constant collisions.

The  wings might like delicate, yet they are designed to deal with the bees’ bumpy rides through the air.  Their wings can bend and they have flexible joints like rubber bands.


When it is good not to bump into things?

Can you invent something inspired by the amazing flexible wings?

While you are pondering you can listen to the violinist David Garrett playing the Flight of the Bumblebee.  This is a very fast bee. . .

Want to learn more about bees? original-2411673-1


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