Inspired by Fungi

Fly agaric, jelly ear, shaggy inkcap and sickener.

How many fungi can you identify?

And have you ever seen  ghost fungus?

Fungi grow in a range of different environments. They live in the soil, on plants and animals, in fresh water and seawater. They even grow on your body!

Many fungi are colourful and some even light up in the middle of the night.

Fungi are pretty amazing and they are providing inventors with great ideas.

What if we could grow materials for packaging?

What if mushrooms was used instead of plastic for packaging?

We can find single-use plastics everywhere on our planet – in the forest, on the beach and in the sea. We need materials for packaging that are strong, water-repellent and biodegrade. Fungi are amazing and great inspriation. We can use the power of nature to grow things.

Fungi can provide us inspiration for building cities and curing us from diseases.

Can you imagine a city built like a fairy ring?

Does it feel like jumping into another world when you imagine using fairy rings as inspiration? Surely there must be better approaches. . .

Modified image, watermark removed: '07/01/2008'Photo: Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are naturally occurring rings of mushrooms and the rings become more and more stable as the fungus grows and looks for food underground. This is a way for nature to make connections, something that is important when you try to build larger communities.

In a fairy ring, there is a complex flow of energy, nutrients, materials and information while in a city there is an infrastructure in a city with interconnected water, energy and food.

Usually, a town square of the main street is regarded as the most central part of a neighbourhood, however, this idea was not found in nature where the edges are regarded as more vital. Nature often have colourful and attractive edges, for example, trees at the edge of a forest or plants. Thus, nature focus the energy and attention on the edges.

What ideas do you get when you look at mushrooms?

Happy thinking diving into fairy rings, green glowing fungi and. . .


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