Dot-ish Positive Nature Words

Wild things

Mud Faces

Talking trees




Fill a page in your Biomimicry Journal with positive nature words. Creative and inspirational energy is important when you think dive into nature. For young biomimicrists it is vital to look at animals and plants with a positive and curious mindset. We are after all hunting for possibilites! Possible ways to solve problems inspired by nature.

Inspired by the book Start with a Dot (Guided Journal): A Journal for Making Your Mark by Peter H. Reynolds, we made a page filled with dots and positive nature words. A great way to add art to the biomimicry journal. Love the way the guided journal starts the creative journey by giving you permission to draw just one dot and sign your name in a gold frame!  Big dots, little dots, scattered dots, well, all sorts of dots. And of course, the dots are only the beginning. Towards the end  of the journal dots and lines are combined.

News about nature can often be of a negative character. It is important to look at nature with realistic eyes, nevertheless, it is crucial to encourage children to enjoy nature. A necessary ingredient when you start  a biomimciry project is a positive mindset.

It is a common misconception that wildlife is somewhere special. But wildlife is everywhere, not just in the woods or nature reserve. Wonder at the geometry of a spider’s web on the grass. Follow the snail’s path along the ground. Or watch where the squirrel hides the nuts.

Why not make your onw dots and fill them with wonderful and inspiring nature words?


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