An Egg is Quiet

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Smashing the walls of a coconut takes some skill!

An Egg Is Quiet (Nature Books) is stunningly beautiful and makes a fascinating introduction to the amazing world of eggs. Poetic text and wonderfully informative, it explores interesting facts about eggs that really sparks the curiosity and imagination.

Written by Dianna Hutts Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long it takes the reader on an exciting journey.  From oval ladybird eggs to tubular dogfish eggs, sea turtle eggs to penguin eggs, it captures the mind-blowing variety of eggs. Celebrate the wonder of gooey frog eggs and marvel at fossilized dinosaur eggs. This books inspires children to question and ponder. Eggs come in lots of colors, shapes, and sizes.



An egg may look like simply structure, but it is a refined work of architecture. The wall of an egg is made of calcium carbonate, which is found in concrete, and its arc shape is the secret behind its strength. An egg is designed to care and protect life.

Our skulls are nearly spherical domes and similarly a turtle’s shell is a light, strong dome.  And the wall of a coconut, which is domed-shaped, takes effort and skill to smash. Today, increasingly we are building eggs in which to live. And they can even save us from hurricanes!

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