Fridays for Future!

1st of February.

When I look out of the window I cannot help to ponder over the extreme weather around the world. Heat waves, bush fires and extreme cold. The climate is changing and in Norden a range of climate strikes are planned.


The strike is part of the climate activist Greta Thunberg’s work to not only raise awareness but also to encourage and even demand actions against the way we are living. To tacle global warming is something that requires actions but also smart solutions. Biomimicry offers a way to think dive into wild new ways to live. Studying the way animals and plants sees and uses carbon as a building block can lead to the development of sustainable solutions. Carbon emissions, particularly carbon dioxide and methane, are a major contributor to climate changes.

This booklet encourageyoung children to explore climate change in a postive way. Hope mixed with tools and knowledge to change things is a great combination. I might need to add ways to use bimimicry  in this booklet. Work in progress!


Be a Curious Climate Change Detective – Explore Cool Questions & Hot Answers

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