Observing Nature

“. . . observe simply for the sake of curiosity.”

Inspired by the book iSites: Nature Journaling for Biomimicry by Erin Rovalo, the plan was to spend at least part of the day observing the natural world. Spring is sometimes the best of times to tuning in the senses and just be filled by the natural beauty. After the cold, dull and grey winter it is refreshing for the mind to just sit and watch the world turn a little greener each second. But not today, the rain is at this very moment pouring day and I am warming wrapped up inside the house.

The book is a little gem! It encourages you to take the time to explore nature. The idea is to use nature as the starting point and it suggests that by being curious about nature in a broad sense we may make discoveries that we might not have made if we had been more focused on a specific task.

In a way, this is exactly what Biomimicry for Young Children is all about. Letting curiosity guide the exploration of the animal, plant or fungi. Using the aspect that captured the attention and then search for information. The final stage is to look for possibilities to use the understanding to create something and make a change.

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