Celebrate Spring – Turn Blue for a Couple of Days

The wonderous world of frogs are a treasure trove of inpiration. There is something utterly magical about the idea to change skin texture or colour. Just look at the Moor Frogs (Rana arvalis) who turn blue Spring. Well, at least the males turn bright blue. They are usually reddish-brown like many other frogs. Blue is a rare colour in nature and these frogs turn into a vibrant blue colour. Stunning!

The blue colouring lasts for a couple of days so you have to be really lucky to witness this spectular event. The video below is from Ljubljansko barje (Ljubljana moor), at the outskirts of Slovenia’s capital. Like so many species of frogs, the Moor Frogs are endangered in Slovenia.

Go here to read more about the making of the video and wildlife in Slovenia.

Christian Fischer

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