Biomimicry Invention Game

This is an idea that I got a long, long time ago. Finally decided to make a start and I make a booklet with an invention board game with a focus on six fantastic and inspiring animals – giraffe, dolphin, zebra, giant panda, meerkat and cheetah.

When using biomimicry with young children, it is often easier to start with an observation of animal or plant and then prompt the child to get an idea rather than starting with a problem and looking for inspiration in the natural world.

The game can be played in several different ways. Children can work in groups and solve the challenges together. They can work in pairs or a child can play the game to challenge him/herself.

This is a unique board game that has a life after it has been played!

Make an invention Quilt filled with ideas!

Children can make a quilt and work on their ideas. They can give their invention a cool name, write about who will use the invention, instruction for building, materials . . . A great decoration for the classroom or kitchen!

You find the invention board game here or send me an email (see contact details).

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