Board Games for a Curious Biomimicrist

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Summer and Board Games!

Evolution Board Game, Climate Board Game and Evolution: The Beginner Board Game are great games for children who loves nature. The first two games are suitable for a little older children.

The games come from North Star Games and they have quickly become very popular games. The game Evolution has even been used in the evolutionary biology department at the University of Oxford.

In the game 2-6 players adapt species in an changing ecosystem. The environment is filled with hungry predators and the resources are limited. Hard shells and horns can protect your animal from carnivores and a long neck will help you get food from high branches.

This game is stunning and every game takes the players on a different adventure. There are over 12, 000 different species to create.

I love the idea behind the climate game where the task is to adapt your species in an ecosytem where food is scarce, predators lurk, and the climate changes between scorching hot and icy cold.

Happy playing!

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