Breathe in nature, be inspired, solve problems, dream, build!

Biomimicry stimulates the imagination and inspires children to see nature as a place that offers both adventure and play, as well as a chance to discover the secrets of nature. Biomimicry is a way to explore the functions that animals and plants perform both themselves and in their ecosystems. This approach is a creative way to explore underlying patterns and functions. A new way to explore and discover nature’s solutions!

Biomimicry gives children a chance to believe that it can solve great problems and that there are interesting observations to made regardless of whether you are in the school yard, in the garden or in the forest. A great opportunity to observe, listen, smell, use magnifying glasses, binoculars and discover how wonderful nature is. When using biomimicry with children, it is important to give them a chance to develop their thoughts and let their imagination fly.

The term biomimicry consists of two parts, bio which means life and mimicry which means mimic from nature. Biomimicry offers a chance to move learning outside and also to bring the observation home and explore solutions using nature as a starting point.

Biomimicry has a focus on sustainability, eco-efficiency and alternative ways to approach design and problems.

This is the introduction to my book Biomimicry with Theo & Thuva: Nature spotting inspires new ideas. I hope you like it!

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