Books about Nature using pressed flowers

Summer evenings can be magical. Spending time the park or garden listening to the birds and watching the bees drinking nectar from the flowers. But summer evening can also be filled with thunder and lightning, which means that magic that can be found in nature can come by reading. Picture books bring the outdoors in where it can be enjoyed by reading about magical treehouses, shy beetles or ways to care for our earth.

A Year in the Wild by Ruth Symons is an exquisite picture book. Stunning pictures and a text that captures the wonder and magic of each season. But that is not all, the artwork is made by Helen Ahpornsiri from pressed plants. Her intricate artwork transforms leaves, petals, and seeds into hares, swallows, and blossoming trees.

Are you fascinated by the sea? The pressed flower technique has been used to illustrate another book – Beneath the Waves. In this equally exquiste book seaweeds, feathery algae and coastal blooms are transformed into playful penguins, sf silvery sharks and much more.

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