Moss Green Shades & Mimic Stick Insect

“A world that shimmers in different moss green shades can be as beautiful as a colourful coral reef.” Biomimicry with Theo & Tuva: Nature spotting inspires wild ideas

Theo & Tuva are exploring nature in the warm spring sun, on warm summer days when the rain is pouring down, when the snow sparkles and on beautiful autumn days.

The green mosscarpet are hiding wonderful secrets. Yet, it is so easy to miss the moss when it is growing everywhere in the garden, the forest, or on old park benches.

Biomimicry is a way to use nature as inspriation and to learn from nature to solve problems. The book about Theo & Tuva aims to inspire nature spotting and to use these in a creative way.

Mosses are perfect air purifiers and exhaust detectors. How would you design a school inspired by moss?

But moss can also flutter in the wind! Perfect inspiration for a poem or story.

The video below was taken by late Andreas Kay in the rainforest of Ecuador. It shows the exquisite stick insect (Trychopeplus thaumasius). The mossy moves starts at around 33 seconds and they are are a treat!

You can find his amazing videos here.

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