Inspirational Autumnlicious & Spooktacular Videos – Spiders, Bats, & Owls

Flying bats, owls and even spiders. Be amazed and feel inspired by these wonderful creatures and use them as inspiration for wonderful imaginative Halloween creations. Move away from the plastic toys and costyms, and celebrate the wonder of nature this Hallween.

If you serach for spiders, bats and owls in the serach box, there are blog posts with ideas.

Peacock Spider 13

How Spiders Use Electricity to Fly

Spider Shoots 25 Metre Web

To the Bat Cave!

The Case For Vampire Bats

The Tube-Lipped Nectar Bat

What Makes Owls So Quiet and So Deadly?

You’ve Never Seen an Owl Species That Does This

Which Animals Have Night Vision?

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