Bushfires and Biomimicry

A dangerous summer is unfolding in Australia and so far millions, even billions animals have lost their lives in raging bushfires. Bushfires are common in Australia so animals and plants have developed various ways to survive and reproduce.

This year, the bushfires are not normal, hundreds of fires are burning and the links to climate change are clear. Heartbreaking videos of animals fleeing, dead birds washed up on beaches as well as severly injured koalas and kangroos!

Perhaps the most important thing that the biomimicry approach has taught me is to explore possible solutions using nature as inspiration. It is simply not good enough to be sad! Never give up! So the idea for a new resource was born this week.

I found my daughter’s book “Bushfire” by Tricia October in the bookshelves a couple of months ago, so I suppose the ideas have been twirling around for a while. Anyway, started to work on it now! Below is a poster.

The poster is available for free download here. Like most of my biomimicry booklets, it takes time to write them and at the moment I am simply reading about the bush!

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