Project based learning perfect for homeschooling

Small, colourful and spectacular! Hummingbirds are beautiful and strong. They provide the perfect inspiration for great ideas!

A wonderful way to keep schoolchildren happy and engaged at home as well as ensuring that they are continuing their learning is to start a project. Project-based learning is an engaging way to spark an interest in a topic and to be creative. Core curriculum such as Maths and English is a priority but often they can be included in a project.

Just before the coronavirus shutdown of schools around the world, I made a Biomimicry resource about Hummingbirds. This resource is made for the Google classroom and can be used for homeschooling.


There are so many interesting things that can be used to inspire children to solve problems or invent new things. Hummingbirds hovering and their wing structure is immensely interesting. Their tongue and the way they are feeding can spark lots of fun ideas.

Why not build a city inspired by the way hummingbirds build a nest? Or build a hummingbird robot?

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