A Memorable Experience

Biomimicry education should be a memorable experience!

Several different approaches can be used to inspire children to explore nature and to feel excited about solving problems or inventing things. You can read books such as “How an Idea from Nature Changed Our World” by Dorna Schroeter and explore how biomimicry can be used to solve an annoying problem. Children will love reading about how Swiss engineer, Georges de Mestral, invented Velcro.

You can also invite a scientist working in the biomimicry field to the classroom.  Children can ask questions and gain important insights into how ideas from nature can be developed into exciting innovations or how they can help to solve tricky problems. There is also a wide selection of videos that can be used to show children how ideas of nature have resulted in great innovations.

Yet, I think nothing really beats engaging in biomimicry yourself.

Allowing children time to ponder and explore nature, whether it is outside or inside reading or watching a video, and to turn this observation into a toy, robot, household equipment or a way to help a friend or family member to overcome a problem is a wonderful experience. Biomimicry education should be a memorable experience and nothing can be more exciting than the thrill of a brilliant idea!


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