Fluttering Beauties – Biomimicry & Butterflies

I love to mix art and science! Biomimicry is a great opportunity to take out art supplies.

Spring is the perfect time to study butterflies. With their colourful wings and gentle fluttering, it is easy to understand why they are such a welcome sign of Spring. The arrival of butterflies is also an important measure of the effects that changes in climate have on our wildlife.

Drawing an animal or plant can provide a deeper understanding. An engaging way to learn.

Inspired by the wonderful book The Art of Silliness: A Creativity Book for Everyone, we decided to “butterfly out” and to take a book with a photo of butterfly outside and find a flower for the butterfly to sit on, then draw it. We made a quick sketch focusing on recording what we see, rather than trying to draw the flower accuratetly. Such fun!

This drawing exercise works well with bees, and why not find the perfect branch for a bird?

Looking for inspirtion for a biomimicry project on butterflies or moths?

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