Dandelions – Doing it Nature’s Way

A plant revealing its wonderous secrets!

Picking a Dandelion head, making a wish and blowing the puff into the air, watching as the little white fluff float away on a light breeze is a lovely way to experience a bit a nature’s magic taking place.

Many people regard the dandelions as weed but it can also be seen as a wildflower since it grows in the wild. Dandelions are rich in pollen and nectar and provide a great source of food for pollinators such as bees and bumblebees. The flowers provide food for beetles and butterflies, while the seeds are cheerished by many birds.

The bright cheerful yellow flowers, the amazing seed clocks, and the strong hollow stalks can provide inspiration for ideas.

A project involving dandelions is perfect at this time of the year. And perfect if you are homeschooling your children due to the coronavirus.

Take out the magnifying glasses and marvel at pappus.

Our book “Biomimicry with Theo & Tuva: Nature spotting inspires wild ideas” has a chapter dedicated to Dandelions. The first section of each little chapter is a fictional story where the children, Theo and Tuva, make an observation. In the second section, there are facts about an animal or plant. The third section contains a prompt to use the observation to solve a problem or invent something inspired by the observation. This book works well with the resource below about Dandelions.

Click here to read more about Dandelions.

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