Under a Log!

“I notice, I wonder, It reminds me of…”

A cold but sunny September morning.

The first day of Autumn, at least in meteorological terms, but the changes in the natural world such as the fantastic colourful autumn leaves display may still wait.

A perfect time to study unique microhabitats where you live – under bushes, on stony path or under a log or big branch.

Listen to Arvolyn Hill as she explores the habitat that formed under a log in a garden in the Bronx. I love the promts that are used when exploring life under a log. All you need to add is a prompt, a biomimicry prompt to spark ideas.

How can the observations be used to invent something magical, useful and sustainable? Or solve a problem?

For more ideas about how to use nature observationts to prompt ideas check out the book Biomimicry with Theo & Tuva: Nature spotting inspires wild ideas.

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