Beachcombing – Bladderwrack!

Ahh, at last the smell of sea!

Spent some lovely days last week beachcombing. Lots of shells, most of them tiny, glittering in the sand on the tidal shore. Also, lots of sea weed that looked like bubble wrap with their distinctive air bubbles. The air sacks are known as air bladders, which give the algae its name – bladderwrack.

Bladder wrack has round air bladders/bubbles.

Why does the seaweed have these air bubbles?

It is always an eye-opener to spend time quietly, observing nature. Shared discoveries on the beach gives the greatest pleasure. An important part of developing curiosity and a love for nature. A curious child feels safe to explore questions. A secure child will be excited with the wonders of nature. And she or he will explore and ask hundreds of questions.

Making a drawing of treasures found at the beach can help a child develop a deeper understanding. Drawing makes you look closely and discover things that you might have missed before.

Sea weed like bladder wrack provides shelter for many different creatures and it is also a source of food. The air bubbles helps the algae exhange gases and absorb nutrients when submerged.

While sketching a drawing, wonderful ideas of how we could use air bubbles might emerge. Like a a floating device.

Today, there is an enormous need to develop sustainable solutions. Initial ideas can be explored to ensure that they use sustainable resources in the production, that they are transported in a sustainable way. Innovations and solutions to problems should help us create a better future for all living creatures on Earth.

An idea that emerged inspired by our beachcombing was floating roundish solar panels that collect energy in the water, maybe even wave energy. The energy is sent to our homes via tiny strings. Live seaweed materials are used to constuct these special solar and wave panels.

Love to hear about your ideas. . .

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