The Big Book of the Blue

Wow, loved this book! A big surprised when the parcel arrived because I had not expected a Big Book! I know the clue is in the title but a book can be big in lots of different ways. And this is a book that is large in size as well as big on information. Perfect inspiration for budding biomimicrists and marine biologists.

Each page in this book by Yuval Zommer is filled with beautiful illustrations. You will love learning about flying fish, crabs, dophins, dragonets and other fish and living creatures that call our oceans their home.

The animals may have cartoon eyes so you might be tempted to thinking that this book is only for younger children. Yet, it is a very educational book brimming with interesting facts such as “Beak-like teeth help a pufferfish to prise open mussel and clam shells”.

Our heads were brimming with ideas after browsing around in this lovely book.

Warmly recommended!

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